Fresh Produce: Grandpa’s Roadstand

Grandpa’s Roadstand is our Farm Market

Each day, we check the fields for freshly ripened produce to stock Grandpa's Roadstand. Freshly ripened items available daily include: sweet corn, potatoes, slicing cucumbers, green beans, kohlrabi, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers and vine ripened tomatoes. What makes Waldoch Farm unique is that our fields are on the same land as the Garden Center, which means we can drive out to the field and grab more produce if Grandpa’s Roadstand runs low. Talk about fresh! 

In June, some of the first crops available are Sugar Snap Peas, Slicing Cucumbers, and Kohlrabi. As the growing season continues into July, we slowly add over 22 different varieties of veggies as they mature and ripen. The crops are first sold at Grandpa’s Roadstand. Once there is enough quantity in the fields, we open the field for “Pick Your Own”, an activity included with a Joyer Adventure Farm ticket purchase!

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Grandpa’s Roadstand Highlights

It is always wise to call the farm before your visit to check for produce availability (651) 780-1207.
Sweet Corn is picked daily
Pickling Cucumbers: for single peck to several bushels call (651) 780-1207 to get on the list. You can order cucumbers to be picked in the following sizes: 
 - 2-3” cucumbers: Great for baby pickles or sweet pickles 
 - 2-3 ½” cucumbers 
 - Field Run 2-4” cucumbers: Our favorite, good range of sizes. You can use the 4” ones to stuff the bottom of the jar and the 2” to fill in the top of the jar. 
 - Bread and Butter cucumbers:great for slicing or pickle spears.
Peppers: we grow 20,000 pepper plants of 39 different varieties. It typically takes us 2 days to plant them all.
Watermelon and Muskmelon: Soooo goooood.
Winter Squash: Harvesting a wide variety
Honey: from the fields of Waldoch Farm

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