Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

May I bring my dog?

No, please don’t bring your dog or your pets. While we love dogs, it’s safest for everyone (dogs, too) that way. Of course, trained service animals are always welcome!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all credit cards at all of the loctaion around the farm.

Is there a spot I can host a birthday party?

Yes, we do have Birthday Party options. Click here to be taken to the Birthday Party Package page.

Joyer Adventure Farm FAQs

Are the Hours different for the Garden Center and Joyer Adventure Farm?

Does everyone need a pass to enter the farm? Can I shop Waldoch Farm without a ticket to Joyer Adventure Farm?

If you want to visit everything included in Joyer Adventure Farm everyone, yes. everyone 3 & older needs a pass to enter the agritainment area of the farm.

However, no pass is needed if you would like to visit the Garden Center to purchase flowers, garden decor, fresh picked produce, pumpkins, and supplies.

Are there different tickets for children, adults, or seniors?

Children 2 and under are admitted free. Everyone else is required to have a ticket to enter Joyer Adventure Farm.

Can I purchase my Tickets to Joyer Adventure Farm at the door?

You can but they are $5 more at the door. The best price is online.

Can I purchase a season pass?

A season pass can be purchased online. Season passes are valid for unlimited admission at Joyer Adventure Farm. Passes are available for guests three and older.

Can I change the date and time of the entry to my Joyer Adventure Farm ticket?

There is an easy way for you to change your tickets online. If you go to your Order Confirmation email, you should see a blue button that says, “View Your Order.” Click that button and then on the next page you will find a place to change your tickets. There is no longer a ticket change fee.

What if I am running late for my entry time for Joyer Adventure time slot?

Yes, we understand life can be hectic and if you are running late or even a little early you will still be able to enter with out changing you ticket at Joyer Adventure Farm.

How long may I stay at the farm?

A general admission ticket allows you to stay form arrival time to close. Customers have been known to stay for 4 plus hours.

What do you have to eat?

Kettle Corn, many different styles of Hot Dogs, Mac and Cheese, Tater Tots, Cheese Curds, Chicken Tenders. View our Delicious Farm page for more information.

How much is it if I only want to pick produce, do I need to pay Joyer Adventure Farm Admission?

We offer a Produce Access fee - with access to the produce fields just to pick your own produce. View more information on the Pick Your Own page.

Garden Center FAQs

Can I pick my own Pumpkin?

Yes, you can pick out your own pre-picked pumpkin in our Garden Center (no admission pass required) or you can pick a pumpkin in our pumpkin patch (admission pass required).

Can I pick my own Sunflower?

Yes, every general admission ticket during the sunflower festival gets to pick one complimentary Sunflower. If you would like you can purchase additional Sunflowers and Cut flowers with a Jar or Vase.

Do you have this Annual, Perennial or Shrub in stock?

In the Spring our inventory changes so rapidly that it is difficult for us confirm any particular plant is in stock. It is best to stop by and check out our selection. A walk through our beautiful garden center uplifts the spirit.

Do you have to have a plant Warranty?


Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes, we have gift cards available for purchase in the Garden Canter.

Is your Farm organic?

No, we have a few programs that we use that aren’t organic. We like to provide our customers with high quality produce and for us, this is the best way to do so.